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Furniture base material selection

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
Furniture base material choose

before choosing furniture, believe that you will worry what should choose to base material as the material of custom furniture, already beautiful practical to, also can reveal enterprise style furniture? And about the choice of substrate, should pay attention to what place? Small make up for it!

according to the functional areas to choose

area according to the different functional areas, not only use the furniture will be different, even furniture choice of base material will be different. In general, the commonly used furniture base material with particle board, medium density fiberboard, fire prevention board, pure solid wood, plywood, rattan, bamboo, glass, metal, stone and so on. Due to its agile and easy, the stone and metal base material properties of commonly used in the front desk and area in all aspects of the adornment; Beautiful and pervious to light glass, can be in various regions partition to have the beautiful, practical effect.

according to the local climate choose

although now most of the base material before made furniture, can after waterproof and so on a series of processing, but bound to slip past still for a long time. Therefore, according to local climate is especially important to choose the appropriate base material. Particle board because of its material and structure, foaming in high humidity areas tend to be affected with damp be affected with damp, cause the furniture on the surface is not beautiful enough. So in high humidity area, normally we do not recommend using particle board, or on the treatment process to make special treatment more closely, to ensure that in use process to keep high quality furniture made of.

according to the technique selection

different base material applicable treatment technology is different, and in solid wood furniture, choose wood is different, also indirectly lead to different process. For example in the production of decorative pattern more complex hollow out when partition screen, compared to the fragile glass material, we usually choose sandwich plate, metal or stone material as the material, in order to achieve the dual requirements of hardness and beautiful. Ou and furniture manufacturing process in material always adhering to the high demand, high quality, dedicated to provide customers with high quality and reliable furniture!
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