Furniture factory, wood veneer veneer and finished product

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
The evolution of The Times, furniture manufacturers in the face of world environmental protection, development of improved technology, pay more attention to product quality and safety, environmental protection, the material at the same time people fashion needs more positive response. Veneer is the important material elements in the furniture industry, on the design adornment can transform a variety of styles, in this level to satisfy the clients' individual necessaries to play a more comprehensive.
from the perspective of the engineering customized furniture market development of today, occupies an important position in the panels in the custom, in various ways, veneer to reduce the pollution, save the processing time, improve the whole beautiful degree of the furniture at the same time, more popular with customers. But you know, the market, but also a decorative panel points and finished product wood veneer, do you know what's the difference between them?

_ screen room furniture table

& middot; Veneer
it is adornment veneer plywood, referred to as 'decorative panels, laminated board, is real wood timber precision plane cut thickness of 0. More than 2 mm thin veneer, after adhesive process is made and be become with one-side adornment effect of the plank. Base material board plywood, furniture as a stable and reliable performance, is the present common furniture decorative plates.
· Finished product wood veneer
the finished wood veneer is used in high-grade solid wood veneer as wood veneer, after high temperature is fixed on the template monolayer, belong to high finished product wood veneer, commonly used in the star hotel, high-end office, conference center and other high-end commercial buildings of custom furniture.
the finished wood decorative surface making condemned its environmental protection sex more, can reduce the field construction of a large amount of pollution, the use is more convenient in application, less waste, and more advanced appearance overall, to improve the environment of the whole class taste.
the veneer furniture use and what is the difference between the finished wood veneer, you understand?
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