Furniture manufacturer how to solve the problem of sheet deformation

by:OUHE     2021-02-03
What are the old craftsmen furniture deformation of the best ways to solve the wood?
manufacturer making furniture, wood is an indispensable raw material. The exquisite wood a & other; Sex & throughout; 。 Big wood deformation force is bigger, easy to meet a dry, cold and hot environment in cracking deformation phenomenon. And small wood, personality is more moderate, it is not easy to deformation and cracking phenomenon.
artisans before use wood to make furniture, can distinguish between different wood sex is big or small, to distinguish the production skills. General large wood, can to go & other; Sex & throughout; , effectively slow down the wood in the wet, dry, cold, heat and other unstable climate environment, the chance of deformation and cracking.
so, they will use what kind of method to & other Sex & throughout; ?

woodiness furniture show _ the boss desk

toasted wood
a, steaming roast wood, just as its name implies toasted wood. Professional manufacturer will have a little special baking wood houses, inside put some logs and plates in a barn for steaming roast, toasted wood is put inside the wood moisture to evaporate, because temperature cannot be too high nor too low, so the steaming roast time is longer. After steaming roast logs and lumber, & other; Sex & throughout; Wood is more easy to remove a lot of, have to sex as their operation.

furniture wood steam curing barn

2, seasoned wood
this is a process of dry wood. Layers of sheet pile up, each layer are underlay ventilated breathe freely to use small pieces of wood, such as air drying process generally need to last three to five months, longer up to a year, to the wood drying is just right. By natural wind and rain, the sun, snow buried, continuous loop, wood will be more and more small, so the wood of Chen is smaller, the more convenient for making furniture.

furniture wood crib

3, soak wood
will log or wood soaking in the water, a week or a month later, make use of natural air drying method, or into the steam curing barn dried, dried and then to the use of wood for making furniture.
after repeatedly for wood, it will become small, that people need to experience something similar to more stable. To sexual lumber into furniture, heat bilges cold shrink, cracking phenomenon will be greatly reduced, this also is in the past, people will use the old wood, such as beams, making furniture, the wood has been stable, more suitable as a raw material of solid wood furniture.
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