Furniture of choose and buy the acceptance of the seven steps. Remove you buy furniture future trouble!

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
Seating, buy back waiting for the furniture such as chairs, sofas, of course is very exciting and expectation. But sometimes because consumers did not pay attention to during the acceptance, found some problems after installing good furniture and status, thus appeared all sorts of unpleasant things off. Acceptance is door knowledge, the expert reminds, furniture needs care and patience, eyes, hands and to better safeguard their own rights and interests. Furniture of choose and buy is acceptance of the seven steps below can help you solve the trouble back at home of furniture to buy! 1, check the quantity and pattern: when the furniture delivery when I get home, you need to do the first step is to check it. The owner first is counting the number of furniture; Second look at the product's type, whether to use the contract of materials; Is to look at again after the installation of furniture pattern is consistent with the contract. In addition to these, also need to see some of the details, such as glass products whether there is a scratch or transparent glue trace; Furniture of imperceptible place such as the back, side if there were any defects such as scratch, dept. of injury. 2, began to push and pull check installation: the installation of the workers level on the final state of furniture has the certain influence. Owner in workers after the installation, need more hands-on. Such as push-pull drawer, look to whether smoked pull smoothly and gap is uniform, Open the cupboard door and then shut, qualified installation, it should be no sound, accurate positioning and on both sides of the gap is even, if it is three wardrobe, single and the gaps between the two-door should also be consistent; Furniture all level should be flat, all facade should be vertical; Damp drawer and sliding door should be push-pull is smooth, not from sliding back and forth, hands on which the door where it should stop. 3, check to see if the parts is complete: some chair MATS, can prevent scratch the floor. Owner needs to be checked is mat chair cushion, side plate and hinge cover furniture such as small parts are complete. If not, shall be immediately to the workers. 4, check for & other; Trauma: furniture if not careful when installation, is likely to lead to accidental injury on floor of the cut, etc. After consumers on the lookout for the installation of the furniture, should also check the room floor, walls, whether because of furniture installation and traces produced hurt scratches, bumps, etc. 5, installed fine written contract: stay after all installation, regardless of the state, will involve the contract filled out. The furniture of a few years ago the city started to perform in the purchase contract, and one of them is & other; Acceptance specification & throughout; , this is the status of the furniture when delivery and dispute resolution issues related to written records, should be fill in after the actual delivery acceptance furniture. If delivery and installation are not synchronized, it can be said in the goods receipt the goods have been received, and fill out the contract in after the installation of & other; Acceptance & throughout; The content of the. 6, measuring the easiest problem: most of board type furniture, solid wood furniture is finished product furniture, are made of mechanical production and factory size is very standard, when installing less caused by quality problems, instead, is the most common improper measurement can't install.
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