High-grade airport seating besmirch what method?

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
High-grade airport seating stain processing method: 1, oil, butter, cosmetics: pat sofa surface with soft cloth, with a dry soft towel to besmirch wipe gently, and with the towel to clean with a dip in the water and detergent. 2, sugar: pat sofa surface with soft cloth, soaked in soft soft towel to wipe the stain of the detergent solution. If the stain, use eraser to wipe it. 3, ink: use a soft eraser, be careful not to be too hard, lest make skin bleaching. 4, beer, wine, coffee, tea, milk: pat sofa surface with soft cloth, cloth to wipe with dip in water. If not, use the cloth to wipe with a mild detergent. 5, chewing gum, candle oil: plastic bags pack some ice cubes, gently on the stain, then carefully remove the stain, if not, wipe gently with a rubber. 6, note: do not use alcohol cleaning besmirch solvents or chemicals.
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