High-speed runs through case - Jing zhang railway into Beijing Zhang Gaotie!

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
High-speed runs through case - Jing zhang railway Zhang Gaotie luxuriant turn to Beijing! On April 29, 2016, Beijing high-speed railway was started. On June 12, 2019, Beijing Zhang Gaotie line rail linking. On December 30, 2019, is known as China's railway development & other; Master & throughout; , intelligent high-speed Zhang Gaotie demonstration project of Beijing official opening. Beijing Zhang Gaotie is the 2022 winter Olympics supporting project, at the same time also witnessed China's railway history in one hundred. Zhang Gaotie: zhang railway from Beijing to Beijing in 1909, by the Chinese design and construction of the first railway & ndash; — Jing zhang railway. In the famous patriotic Chinese engineer zhan tianyou creatively built & other; People throughout the &; Glyph of railway, successfully solved the nankou to badaling for slope caused by traction. 110 years later, the tsing lung bridge at the foot of the Great Wall station, witnessing the jing zhang railway from & other; People throughout the &; To & other; Big & throughout; The historical change: Beijing Zhang Gaotie below crossing through, the one hundred Beijing zhang stereo intersection here. Intelligence is one of the highlights of Beijing Zhang Gaotie: intelligent Zhang Gaotie, designed by independent research and development in our country, based on beidou satellite and GIS technology, the designers in Beijing Zhang Gaotie deployed a & other; Positioning & throughout; Net, can use the railway map of high precision, for the construction, operation, scheduling, maintenance, emergency whole process with intelligent service. Beijing Zhang Gaotie 174 kilometers, the starting point is located in Beijing north station, the outbound after 270 meters, from the earth & other; Drilling & throughout; Into the ground, through settled in tunnel journey north, across the Great Wall, across the reservoir, eventually to the venue of the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing the other - - - - - - Zhangjiakou. From Beijing to zhangjiakou run fastest time will shrink from the current 3 hours, 7 minutes to 47 minutes! Aspect ShuJian Zhang Gaotie in Beijing before the official opening, public space provides a perfect solution, successful completion of the project. PU seat comfortable elegant more foil out of leisure comfortable, comfortable tian ya space atmosphere. Project site including: garden station, xuanhua station, east garden station, prince city station, zhangjiakou station, changping station, station offers a total of 7 site project, project seat a total number of 6320 seats. After 110 years, from the Chinese first railroad luxuriant turned, Beijing Zhang Gaotie become our country even the world's first intelligent high-speed rail. The success of the Beijing Zhang Gaotie open the world's leading high technology level, make Chinese people proud. Macao ShuJian Zhang Gaotie seat can help Beijing, but also the pride of Macao ShuJianRen.
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