High-speed runs through case - Taking this high-speed rail

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
Macao ShuJian is getting high iron power case, November 18, China & other; Throughout eight vertical and eight horizontal &; High-speed rail network in the north & other; A horizontal & throughout; An important part of & ndash; Ha negundo, formally entered the stage of operation test, is expected to open at the end of operation. You can see a brand new track in my China runs through ~ in addition, we also successfully with the waiting chair model for SJ9088A its 10 sites of railway projects, the new design of public waiting chair will appear 10 sites in the railway in front of everyone, let everyone in addition to being able to feel the convenience of the new railway, you can also enjoy the comfortable and easy and comfortable new public waiting chair. Now we can sneak peek, take a look at our company for ha pastoral high-speed public waiting chair oh ~ because commitment and integrity, we have close to arrange the production and installation; In order to be kept in high-speed opening, 10 sites complete project, reasonable arrangement of distribution and layout of public waiting chair, strive for perfection. According to the staff of the railway departments, ha negundo high-speed rail during debugging, complete the speed step by step, all pull test and test signal, customer service, and disaster prevention system, believe that ha negundo high-speed rail in order to be able to perfect safely present yansong, compact also arrange operation test of each project, testing and maintenance of high iron work better. Believe in a few days, ha negundo high iron and our public waiting chair with a new appearance and perfect the connotation of the conquest of the public.
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