High-speed runs through case - The beijing-shanghai railway, wuxi station

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
2018 Australian ShuJian adopted models for SJ9088 seating success into the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway wuxi site. Waiting for seating adopted high quality steel plate supplement soft hard moderate import XiPi sponges and comfortable, close skin and considerate, but also has good bearing force, let you to wait until the train has superior quality rest of time. The beauty of the lines of the waiting chair because according to the human body engineering design, special color supplement. Base on the proportion of part and backrest is moderate, curve modelling, full of modern flavor. Using hexagonal rail fixed, seat durable not easy to loose. Wuxi station for 31 months later, finally belongs to its journey of evolution from now on, after transforming the wuxi new district in the waiting room area is expanding to 1. 80000 ㎡, the daily average waiting time ability raise to more than 120000 people, 177 running trains. No. 5 for the revival of the dock logarithm of 17 to unified platform for high platform, not only beautiful and easy, also can resist force 12 winds. With 2 real-name authentication channel and two security area, north and south channel stops per hour capacity of up to 4800 people, north and south are artificial ticketing and self-service ticket office, set up to optimize the business district, waiting area, such as functional area, new district will from & other; Key, humanized personalized & throughout; Perspective, to further enhance the level of software services and focus on passengers & other; Reservation service & throughout; ,“ One-stop & throughout; Self-service, and so on.
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