High-speed runs through case - Xu salt Gao Tiexin era!

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
High-speed runs through case - Xu Suhuai salt railway Lucy xuzhou railway hub xuzhou east station, via the suining, suqian, siyang county, via huaian to yancheng, long trunk line 315. Design speed of 550 kilometers, 250 kilometers. Set in yancheng funing, JianHu, yancheng three south station. Yancheng to xuzhou by 4 ~ 5 hours reduced to 1. 5 hours. As the building of jiangsu province & other; Been cross & throughout; Railway high-speed rail network across northern hinterland important in a horizontal, Xu Suhuai salt railway was named jiangsu railway & other; Gold belt & throughout; , and have been in xuzhou smooth access to the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway station, get the countries & other; Throughout eight vertical and eight horizontal &; High-speed rail network. Macao ShuJian company in xu in salt and iron before the official opening, public space provides a perfect solution, successful completion of the project. PU seat comfortable elegant more foil out of leisure comfortable, comfortable tian ya space atmosphere. Project site including: yancheng station, east of xuzhou, suqian, JianHu stand, funing, HuiNing stand, shuanggou station 7 site project, project seat a total number of 6488 seats. Has opened in salt and iron, xu witnessed the development of yancheng railway crossing, people's passion for years.
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