Hospital seating how to carry out daily maintenance?

by:OUHE     2020-05-28
Hospital seating is good or bad will directly affect people's impression of the whole hospital, but often in the hospital seating configuration. After a lot of people don't know how to maintain the hospital seating. Use after a period of time, nature will appear some problems, so today to tell you something about the hospital need seating is how to carry out routine maintenance. 1, attention should be paid to avoid collision during use, in order to prevent damage to the bed accessories, such as the need to replace or repair the bed accessories, remember to contact the manufacturer directly, not to remove the accessories, such as seating parts of contact by corrosive liquids, avoiding and color stain, failed to timely cleaning cleaning should be carried out in a timely manner, when cleaning can use neuter synthetic detergent to clean, be careful to use dry cloth to wipe dry. 2, in order to ensure safety, pay attention to put the seating position into the door, to avoid the wheelchair, or children due to the collision Angle problem, we can use neutral detergent cleaning regularly, remember that cannot use corrosive liquid cleaning, cleaning after we can inside the screw thread with some oil, reduce the damage caused by friction. 3, pay attention to regularly check the seating parts is firm, if there is a loose screw, in order to prevent the not found abnormal in time and the damage from the continue to use, also avoid accident occurred during the period of using, because the patient itself with the patient, if the secondary damage caused by the seating, that is very serious.
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