How about the management mechanism of OUHE?
Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has established and perfected that the management mechanism. We adopt incentive mechanisms to create a relaxed and passionate working atmosphere to motivate staff to work for the evolution of the company. As an important role in keeping business competitive in the industry, mature direction mechanism plays a significant role in strengthening the rigorous production procedure of medical waiting room chairs .

OUHE is a leading manufacturer of waiting room chair in China. OUHE's main products include airport chair series. The office sofa which is superior to that of other products plays an important role. It has passed the quality inspection of CCT. OUHE will do our utmost to provide relative certificates about our office sofa if necessary. It can be designed with functional value, for example, planters, lighting or USB chargers.

we aims to improve the brand reputation and promote development with its customers. Inquire!
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