How is aluminum alloy airport chair plating process to grey scale

by:OUHE     2020-05-20
Aluminum alloy airport chair plating process to gray scale is introduced: aluminium and aluminium alloy surface after corrosion adhered on the surface of the parts a layer of gray or black hang, and in cold water or hot water flow cleaning not clean, also can be removed in the following solution. 10 mijl 109 several chromic acid, sulfuric acid, greenhouse, free. Of or containing silicon manganese hang ash (on the surface of the aluminum alloy products Especially containing a high percentage of silicon aluminum) Should be in the following solution to remove: V ( Nitric acid) :V ( Hydrofluoric acid) Two 3-1 in the mixed acid ( Because of the more intense reaction to join a certain amount of corrosion inhibitor) , about 55, can remove.
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