How is the airport chair armrest shape?

by:OUHE     2020-06-23
Airport chair armrest molding process: a lot of small manufacturer is outsourcing processing airport the airport chair chair armrest, and then sell that he assemble, the production efficiency is relatively slow, to guarantee the quality also can lead to high rework rate. From the purchase of raw materials - and powerful manufacturer Design - Open the mold - Polishing - Welding process is done themselves a dragon, etc. The airport chair armrest molding process: 1. According to the requirements of customers to cut production drawings. Cutting. 2. Bending forming, to cut materials for bending. 3. Handrails materials in accordance with the drawings, mold, Angle cutting, cutting Angle. 4. Welding ( As a whole) : (1) pouch pipe cutting (2) a gushing (3) 5 pockets inside welding pieces of spot welding. Grind the tapping 6. Spraying, stainless steel polishing 7. Clean, airport chair airport chair armrest assembly processing image:
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