How many production lines does OUHE run?
Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd has several production lines in our facilities. For us, they are the bread and butter. Each production line is scientifically configurated being started with proper analysis and simulation about its work, such as the flow of consumables and operator work pattern. They are easy to work with, easy to clean and easy to extend, and they allow good access to all the machines. These production lines help us live up to the demands and expectations of customers. We will continually make the investment to improve or increase production line to achieve maximal output.

For several decades, OUHE has been committed to the manufacture of waiting room chair. OUHE's main products include tea table series. All the components of OUHE airport chair manufacturers are constantly tested by our engineers and technicians. These tests include accelerated life testing of materials, stress measurement and fatigue testing of fans, and performance qualifications of pumps and motors. It can be designed to be heavy-duty for surviving the rigorous beating. hospital chair as an environmentally friendly product has been accepted by more and more consumers. It is acclaimed in commercial, institutional and public sectors.

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