How simple to choose an appropriate auditorium seating?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
Different venue for auditorium seating, so might as well when choosing patient view, be sure to choose the most suitable one, best can ramble more laps in stores, because the auditorium seating belongs to functional furniture, comfortable is the most important thing. Choose the auditorium chair should choose accord with human body engineering, the college, so the size of the auditorium seating and height and main synagogue participants age must conform. The standard of auditorium chair sitting height of 0. 4 to 0. 44 meters, the overall height is not more than 0. 8 m. The synagogue is a place where a crowd more concentrated, so the choose and buy the auditorium seating, security is very important. The outline of the auditorium seating, smooth lines and so on should be as smooth as possible, use a circular or curved at hand is the best choice. The armrest place such as smooth and exquisite. Best can shake a few times when the choose and buy, the structure is loose, feel wobbly auditorium seating is best not to use.
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