How to build an inclusive of public seating?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
Public space is full of a lot of conflict. In the same in the public domain, everyone wants to limited use all the facilities in public space, such as public seating, so cannot avoid a lot of conflict. Not only do people have different views on the purpose of getting, in enjoys the rights and obligations are divided on this problem. Use occupant first priority, do not make concessions. We want to what kind of city? We can't separate to discuss the problem, but should be combined together with the other questions to think about: what kind of person we want to do? How do we want to build social relationships? We want to how to get along with nature? We wondered what kind of daily life? We think what technology is reasonable and appropriate? We uphold the what kind of aesthetic? Therefore, the rights of the city more than individuals or groups use of city resources as simple as that. This is a kind of let us according to the inner desire to change and reconstruction of the rights of the city. In order to live a meaningful life, everyone will be able to use the public space of public resources, including public seating. Public seats offer everyone a place to rest, but everyone is different to the demand of public seating. The elderly and the disabled for the public seats have special requirements; To travel long distances to reach the destination of tourists need a comfortable not rigid public seat; Public seats should be according to the demand of the preschool children to modify it. In other words, the ideal public seats should be according to the needs of different people and the environment changes. In order to make getting more inclusive, people constantly demands for public seating. From a wooden public seating, until now the PU public seating, during this period has spent a long time to evolve. However, there is no denying the fact that the SAO operation, is to let a person look forward to. The change of the public space also with the evolution of public seating, different stages of upgrades. From a cold empty to public space now feature sets. They prefer to stay out in such a beautiful space.
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