How to charge the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-06-24
First of all, we want to know why so many people concerned about the question of whether the airport chair can charge? The main reason is that the airport, station, etc is our frequented public places. While waiting to board a plane, the departure time is relatively long, also hard to avoid appear waiting for mobile phone no electricity in the past, the tablet without power. Although it is a lot of similar electric street, a mobile charger on loan but they are kept fixed place, also is not each region also has, a borrow a also is also need some time to run. So we consider seat equipped with USB charging socket at the airport, but the technology manufacturers can achieve is to have a considerable strength, because of the difficult to achieve is the electricity problem, because the entire seat many are metal products, it is crowded in a public place, need to be considered for safety is the first project. Style and design approach is the second. We generally consider safe USB port only, if equipped with 220 v tripod socket is very dangerous, also have on market while the power socket, but add to the airport on the chair and large quantities of use is also a technical problem. So the choose and buy to take charge of the airport chair, please choose to have actual strength of manufacturer.
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