How to choose and buy the even seating and clean?

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
Even the seating is easy to see in our daily life of a new type of seat, in public, can bring out people not only convenient, also provides a beautiful factors for the environment. So we should how to choose and buy, even getting in use process and how it should be cleaning and maintenance? Below is I arranged a few pieces of information and advice, for your reference. A, 1, pay attention to check the seating seating the choose and buy of the effect of strong, some parts are connected firmly flexible, choose and buy when, can feel to sit on. 2, seating is to use in public seats, there are a lot of pedestrians to sit down and rest every day, the dust in the air will have the deposit, so at the time of seating of choose and buy, need to choose easily clean seating. 3, production material is a variety of seating, on seating when the choose and buy, need considering the characteristic of each type of material, usually placed outdoor seating is not suitable to choose wooden or metal materials, vulnerable to water erosion, etc. 4, the height of your armrest, width, depth and Angle should be reasonable, the seat is provided to pedestrians rest equipment, comfort is very important, and the design of seating, including armrest, height of chair, etc. , all need to meet the needs of different people. Second, the seating of the cleaning and maintenance of 1, plastic seating, clear water and cleaning fluid can be used for cleaning, then use dry cloth to dry the water stains, then dry it. 2, seating is put in the public area, so the past every day the rest of the population are many, unavoidably will leave a lot of bacteria, so getting the need for frequent cleaning, to avoid the infection of different individual bacteria, seating is best every hour on a clean. 3, in order to ensure the safety of using people, regularly check the seating components between the solid effect is very important, troubleshooting, safe and comfortable environment.
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