How to choose and buy the public seating and repair?

by:OUHE     2020-07-09
Public seating, is applied to a specific public offer rest and recreation to people as a public furniture. In public places, it not only brought convenience to people in the journey, also for the public environment provides a beautiful choice. When we are getting the choose and buy, we should how to choose and buy? Use of public seating, maintenance problems, what are we to do? A, the choose and buy of public seating: 1, pay attention to check the strong effect of public seating, flexible connection parts of the parts is strong, when the choose and buy, can personally feel to sit on. 2, getting rich is to use in public seats, there are a lot of people to sit down and rest every day, the dust in the air will have the deposit, so at the time of getting the choose and buy, need to choose easily clean public seating. 3, the production of public seating material is varied, in the public seating of choose and buy, the characteristics of each type of material need to be taken into account. 4, the height of your armrest, width, depth and Angle should be reasonable, the seat is provided to the rest of the equipment, comfort is very important, and the design of the public seating, including armrest, height of chair, etc. , all need to meet the needs of different people. Second, getting repair: before know how to fix the public seating, we must first clear, seat parts and its quantity, or accurate enough. Among them, the public seating of the main parts are: handrails, railings fasteners, stop Angle, plate, the back, the support, seat, beams, and hexagonal screw and nut, etc. When buying a seat, will these parts count out, back and forth so that at the time of installation and replenishment. Then, in the use of the process of getting rich, we have to check the usage of the seat, such as found that the problem must be timely maintenance. Repair seat to suit the remedy to the case, in general, the seats are the basic parts, such as sitting board, armrest and feet, at the bottom of the beams, corresponding repair parts ready in time, it just remove the change. If the damage is too severe, that it is best to contact manufacturer to repair or replace
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