How to choose and train runs through the quality?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
Training runs through the choose and buy, the quality of note: 1, solid structure, safety is the first element training runs through the choose and buy. Shake, with an acute Angle, rough surface chair, unfavorable choose to avoid users by collision or scratch. 2, material to environmental protection, and exquisite craft training runs through the choose and buy is another important factor. ( 1) The material of plastic chair, is divided into cold A3 carbon steel, polypropylene PP plastic board, three ammonia board, PU leather and PE hollow board, etc. , among them with cold A3 carbon steel and polypropylene PP plastic board of the most widely used. Panel made of PP plastic board, should choose no odor, high purity and bright new materials, in addition to the beautiful and high-grade, more important are safe and non-toxic, clean and environmental protection. And usually panel color more dark heavy, there is noise, is the time of material used multiple times, often toxic elements, harmful to human body. ( 2) Steel tube should choose qualified support strength, surface processing support components as the steel skeleton, surface obtained with deep pickling derusting, multi-layer uniform electrostatic spray coating/plating, uniform wall with smooth, colour and lustre is consistent, not easy ageing. 3, training runs through choose a product of humanized design and durability. Stiffness, the humanization design of the chair is easy to cause the user's physical and mental fatigue, muscle pain; Poor posture more effect of cervical vertebra and vision, should choose to accord with human body curve of the spine of the chair design. Products conform to the humanized design and durability of the product, a product's durability in racks and material, etc. , such as plate embedded steel pipes, tablet with composite steel pipe support, etc. 4, reputation guaranteed regular brand of choose and buy is extremely critical, designed by professional design team, product manufacturing and testing process, and with a strong after-sales service as a backup, can bring procurement hundred of comfort and security.
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