How to choose good ladder seating is need?

by:OUHE     2020-06-01
Ladder runs through the selection of common method: 1, the appearance is ladder runs through a very important part of the design structure, refined atmosphere, pleasant, easy to increase the audience comfort. 2, when choosing you can personally experience the stadium seating comfort, consider whether the back of a chair design is consistent with human body engineering mechanics. Basically see the curve of the back of a chair, this part is very exquisite design, can effectively reduce the noise, and are free to change the height, high flexibility. In addition, also need to consider the quality of the ladder chairs, can from the raw materials, according to the material performance considerations. In general, cinema ladder seating will adopt cold high rebound sponge, rebound faster, feel good 3, runs through the steps of the spring are of high quality, unique is the latest, heavy-duty spring inversion method for springback of gravity, its core is the gravity, good quality, long service life, worthy of choice; 4, had better choose word of mouth is good, operation time is long on the ladder of seating manufacturers, their production of the quality of the product is more reliable.
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