How to choose the aluminum alloy airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
Airport chair has a lot of kinds, according to the material classification are: aluminum alloy airport chairs, airport chairs, stainless steel iron airport chair, PU airport chair, leather chair cushion airport and so on. Classified according to style: back-to-back airport chair, single a chair at the airport, an airport chair, airport chair armrest, no airport chair armrest and so on. The airport chair, hold hands, the main structure of the beams plate and screw hardware accessories. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum alloy airport chair can be divided into 1, 2, 3 people such as specifications, can according to customer's requirement and site layout and custom aluminum chair at the airport. Aluminum alloy airport chair well-made, durable; Has a strong resistance to embroider and fire prevention function; Europe and the United States and elegant and fashionable appearance, fashionable; Comply with the principle of ergonomics shape and structure design; Optional seat, back cushion, let passengers to winter and summer seasons; Tripod base cloth with rubber MATS, prevent the ground from scratching. Aluminum alloy airport chair price is relatively low, which is suitable for large, small and medium-sized airport can be distributed in the airport lounge, recreational area, gate location, such as strong a strong appearance can provide passengers comfortable feeling of sitting, instantly relieve fatigue and unwell, can in the long waiting time for passengers to get sufficient rest.
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