How to consider the desks seating of the humanized design?

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
Nine-year compulsory education in our country is the country, most teenagers most of the time to contact is the students and their elbow desks seating, but has been the use of student desks seating there are a lot of problems. On the design according to the actual situation, humanized design is flawed. 1. Teenagers on the desks runs through learning, doing homework, students contact for a long time using do not conform to the height of the desk seating, seriously affected the healthy growth of teenagers. 2. Students desks seating design is unreasonable, some students desks seating table design of space is too small, can't hold too many books, only in desk seating on the desktop. The chair without back of a chair, a long straight back, cannot be effectively rest, easy to cause muscle fatigue, etc. 3. Humanized design has nothing, in the classroom, the teacher usually only emphasizes the sitting position, not to ignore the tall table low high or low. Some students desks seating typically do not have feet, actually these have seriously affected the healthy growth, if the student desks seating design is not according to oneself circumstance of teenagers to make, for teenagers life and study is a vile indeed. Campus time for one's life, in body and mind, is of Paramount importance. To comprehensive and healthy development of the students, from desk seating appearance, price, material to design details, choose the most suitable desks seating, the link, the school authorities and the desk seating manufacturers also must not be careless.
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