How to correctly choose the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
When the choose and buy the airport chair is usually based on the conditions of the airport itself and combining with the specifications of the airport chair, size, parts, material, design, production, brand and so on the various factors to the choose and buy. The following is a common airport chair of choose and buy of three methods: one, the height of your armrest, width, depth and perspective should be reasonable, airport chair armrest aluminum alloy material is generally selected airport chair or stainless steel materials, large precision casting mold die-casting molding after polishing powder spraying, electroplating appearance. Plating effect is better. The armrest of inappropriate height will cause the shoulder quickly tired. In addition to the height of the armrest and the airport chair, armrest pad width, depth and perspective of original airport chair supplier, adhere to the comfortable posture is there much contact, when we read files, newspapers, usually on the armrest of arms slightly open outward into eight word to read data. Second, breathable fabric raw material, comfortable chair face of ventilation safety is the main raw material: before chair face of suitable raw materials, the first need to study the human body temperature humidity comfort related needs. When the ambient temperature is neutral, the body will feel comfortable, the body and the external environment insist on thermal balance, neither sweating, nor too cold. When this balance is broken, the body through the chills occur more heat, perhaps through the sweat will heat out of the body in the form of transpiration, therefore, can adhere to appropriate temperature or heat into a chair in time the main measure of target surface data. Three, the plate of the airport chair: general selection 1. 8毫米,1。 5 mm thick imported cold plate cleaning after treatment with electrostatic powder spraying. If you want to add leather cushion with imitation leather and leather cushion. Also see the airport chair metal parts is strong, try the best to sit, isn't comfortable, make the person is not easy to tired.
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