How to correctly choose the auditorium seating process?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
Auditorium seating, the basic process: 1, auditorium seating according to the principle of human form engineering, with advanced technology, craft, achieve to install fixation, sit feels comfortable, elegant appearance, novel style, color coordination, conform to the requirements of the human body curve, fully consider the meet the comfortable sitting posture for a long time. 2, auditorium seating on and a plastic shell deformation, high precision, corrosion resistant, scratch resistant, easy cleaning maintenance, etc. Molded case adopts unique design sound-absorbing hole, maintain good sound-absorbing effect. 3 generally have advanced MAO hemp textiles, fabrics, protection, easy to dust, anti-pollution, anti-static, wear-resisting, faded and good sound-absorbing effect, color according to customer requirements. 4, auditorium seating cushions turns up with double spring design, guarantee the seat after people leave the seat up slowly at automatically, no impact, no noise, the springback in place. There is no failure, durable, never fail. Keep the meeting place is beautiful and quiet. 5, auditorium seating cushion shape sponge using high resilience polyurethane foam molding, closely integrated with fabric, support plate as a whole, accord with human body posture, more comfortable, more perfect.
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