How to decorate amphitheatre seating?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
First, we need to know how to use stepwise classroom seating in the university classroom, large conference rooms and other places of large school of primary and secondary schools as the main, so we can according to the school of 'code for fire protection design of buildings', 'public building energy efficiency design standard' and other international rules written to decorate the amphitheatre seating: for example: 1, the hall, corridor, to meet the following requirements: one, of every building should be moderately spacious hallway, is advantageous to the traffic distribution of stream of people, a short stay; Second, the various forms of the corridor width of shall comply with the terms of the code for fire protection design of buildings; Three, the hall and the floors of corridor should not set up the steps, the corridor floors, hallways and room floors have difference, should use non-slip ramp, elevation must set up the steps, steps shall not be less than 2. 2, balcony, verandah, indoor corridors, patio, master cheng yen roof and outdoor stair should be set up from the airport, which include guardrails, highly international airport at 24 m, rail height should not be less than 1. International airport 5 m, 24 m high above the rail height should not be less than 1. 10m。 A stair, quantity, width, position and form should meet the requirements of convenience and safety evacuation; Second, the stair should have direct daylighting ventilated; Three, the school should be set according to the need of using elevator ( Including the transfer of experiment and training rooms) 。 And similar items specification to build. According to your site, planning the reasonable layout, size, and then in consulting manufacturer runs through the specific design, size, material and so on, the last number of seating can get what you need. So in the process of decorating the classroom, the premise must be in conformity with national standards, it is good to add elements of their school.
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