How to determine the auditorium seating high quality sponge?

by:OUHE     2020-07-09
The auditorium seating cushions the sponge gold structure inside. Is necessary in the auditorium seating cushions, and the more the better the quality cost is high, but, in the auditorium chair cushion is not using a sponge can always apply. Whether similar furniture repair, custom-made auditorium chairs, etc, were present pad part has a special structure of elaborate. The top is silk cotton, can cut off moisture conduction down the leather, moisture, prevent moisture damage to the lower layer of foam. The second layer is a soft foam density, the main function is to provide the ride comfort, and submissive. The third layer is hard high density sponge, it is the basis of the auditorium chair cushion tough and durable, tighten the elastic.
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