How to identify genuine leather theater chair quality? Do you know?

by:OUHE     2020-07-08
For some large cinemas, theaters, leather theater chair may be their first choice, but the leather theater chair theater chair is different with other materials, leather theater chair has its grave and elegant and showily atmosphere, so to prevent buy fake leather theater chair, we need to know when the choose and buy to distinguish genuine leather theater chair quality, so how to identify? With small make up to understand together. Leather theater chair generally divided into full leather or half leather, full leather theater chair is refers to the fabric is the use of leather making, hand a touch can feel the texture is soft, and not oarsman, also has a water resistant, acid and alkali resistant performance, the whole theater chair texture and color is consistent, theaters and half leather chair, usually used in artificial leather, this kind of cinema chair took care of everyone's experience in design and also save the cost. When the choose and buy, we can use hand to press a press, leather chair out part of the movie theater, if there is one small linear ruffle divergence, then explain the is leather theater chair, and is soft to the touch, leather is generally will have used animal, but the smell is too heavy, it said the quality is bad, the artificial skin are odorous, but will be more close to the smell of plastic. We can be in leather theater chair tear off a small fiber, when lit, if have pungent smell then illustrates its theater chair is made of artificial leather, if smoke is black, and then explains its theater chair is material containing toxic substances, if smoke is white, so the theater chair is environmental protection material.
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