How to install the seating?

by:OUHE     2020-07-04
First of all we have to decide what you are getting because seating is a lot of classification, auditorium seating, classroom seating, airport seating, hospital waiting for seating and other categories. So we need according to the manufacturer at the time of installation runs through the installation scheme or provide the drawings. Even some manufacturers package is installed. To the airport seating for example: one, we first make sure that all parts are complete. Second, according to the installation instructions put parts package, convenient installation. Three seating on rail, airport, station, armrest, plate, back as the main. According to your order, the order of the design is to choose to install. Fourth, ready for installation tools, manual drill ( Convenient screw) , leather or paper cushions on the floor, In order to avoid scratching by stainless steel, steel, etc. ) 。 Five, can provide to the factory to provide corresponding models of the installation video. Then according to the video can be installed step by step.
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