How to place an order on chinese style sofa ?
The quickest access to placing an order on chinese style sofa is to directly contact us via phone call listed on the website of Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd or paying a field visit on our factory. We have listed a lot of important contact information such as e-mail address, Wechat number, Skype number, telephone number, and factory address on our official website. You can choose any of these listed contact details to contact us at your preference. You may also click the "Contact" and fill in the necessary information like the expected purchase quantity and your E-mail address. We will reply to you as soon as possible. The other suggested way, also the most direct way, is to pay a field visit on us.

OUHE has been widely known in the Chinese shelf marketplace. OUHE's main products include office sofa series. OUHE chinese antique furniture is manufactured utilizing a complete slate of necessary equipment including state-of-the-art photometric equipment and CNC machine. It is scratch resistant for high traffic usage. All our leisure sofa has a warranty to ensure your long-term normal use. Its size and type are customizable depending on the age of the users.

our company is a company with lofty aspirations and great ideals to be a globally famous leisure sofa supplier. Call!
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