How to prevent cracking phenomenon in desk seating?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
Desk seating is every colleges must have a school furniture, daily learning in class is to provide students with the furniture, so the desk seating of durability is very important. And how to prevent craze of desks seating is need to pay attention to problem. 1, we will make the desk runs through regular maintenance, general play wax regularly, so that the desks seating looks luster and the surface is not vacuuming, and clean up is easier, the daily clean with neutral detergent diluted to warm water use warm water to wipe, wipe again after a last remember to use dry cloth to wipe the stain, after completely dry, use maintenance wax're done again. 2, desk seating to avoid direct sunlight, even when no summer winter sun warm, but long time of sunlight and dry weather, the wood is too dry, cracking phenomenon occurs, unfavorable also in a damp place, avoid wood expansion, time is long will lead to the desk seating in decay. 3, pay attention to the cleaning dust, especially the parts of corner position, if not regular cleaning dust, then the tiny crack in the are very easy to dust and affect beautiful, at the same time, dust or the cause of desks seating accelerated aging.
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