How to prevent the airport chair after welding stress corrosion cracking?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
Prevent the airport chair after welding stress corrosion cracking: 1. The reasonable design of welded joint, avoid corrosive medium in the assembled joint, reduce stress concentration; 2. To reduce and eliminate the welding stress, reasonable decorate pass sequence, such as back by subsection welding, etc. The to constraint degree of welded joint, for eliminating stress annealing treatment after welding. Make it difficult to implement in the heat treatment after welding, the change of the surface of the weldment, the corrosion surface peening processing, make the area produces compressive stress, or on sensitized surface polishing, plating or coating, etc. , improve the corrosion resistance. 3. Choose the parent metal and welding material, the use of alloying of welding materials, corrosion resistant alloy elements in the weld metal ( CR, MO, NI, etc. ) Content is higher than the parent metal. 4. Concentrations of welding methods, small heat input and rapid cooling, reduce the welding zone carbide precipitation and avoid joint zone is overheating. Ensure welding joint area smooth and clean, arc welding spatter, scratches, etc are the source of stress corrosion cracking of thermal conductivity and thus ensure the quality of welding joint of external is also important.
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