How to prevent the airport chair of stainless steel welded joint intergranular corrosion?

by:OUHE     2020-07-07
The airport chair of stainless steel welded joint of intergranular corrosion process measures 1. Choose proper welding method, make it minimum heat input welding in the welding pool, let the welding joint as much as possible to shorten the time under the sensitization temperature range, reduce the effect of risk temperature range for it. 2. Design principle, the parameters in the shortest time for the purpose of weld pool in the pulse tig welding, under the premise of guarantee the quality of weld, using small welding current, welding speed of the fastest, to achieve purpose. 3. Operation: ( 1) As far as possible the narrow seam, multilayer multipass welding, after each welding the weld together, cooled to 150 degrees to welding. ( 2) In the central welding process allows the welding material in the molten pool oscillation to heighten molten pool temperature and cooling time; ( 3) If is the comparison of the tube wall thickness and pipe diameter smaller furnace tube, first of all, backing with argon arc welding, tube filled argon gas protection, protect back molten pool from the oxidation; ( 4) For welding seams of contact corrosion medium, conditional case finally welding, in order to reduce the heat number. 4. Mandatory welding area rapid cooling. 5. For stabilizing treatment or solid solution treatment.
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