How to prevent the public seating stand feet become loose?

by:OUHE     2020-07-06
With the development of society, the development of public seating industry is booming. Similarly, appeared on the market of public seating design also changeable evil. From the structure to the whole, from the material to the details, from design to coloring, public seating on the production of the heart, is full of confidence to the consumer to getting industry. But human, or no conscience businesses, such as public seating will appear some bad problems, but as long as we pay attention to when to use public seating, these problems are preventable. 1, first of all, we have to know good seating stand foot structure, to know every style of stand foot structure is different. ( 1) One-piece, armrest and stand feet is a one-piece, but this kind of design of probability is very low. ( 2) Is modular, armrest and stand feet are separated, but each style link way is different, choose the screw is different. But general mould is no problem, the installation process is rigorous, is very strong. 2, the reason of seating stand feet become loose: ( 1) Product quality problems. ( 2) The installation process of omission, or installation method error. ( 3) Use process too violent, or use for a long time, such as a seat 20 years to 10 years. Too much violence is in use process often strongly sway, or aggressive behavior.
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