How to reduce the inappropriate use passengers to the airport chair?

by:OUHE     2020-07-09
An airport every year millions of passengers, the airport chair life will be difficult to control, basic manufacturers will say 5 years or so, but many say - 20 years 30 years, I think it's unlikely, because the metal will appear in the air oxidation, 30 years is hard to keep is not damaged. Frequent use is the major factor, but improper cleaning will make seat pad aging, poor maintenance will reduce the quality. So we have to reduce the passenger seat of the wrong use, at the right place to install the most durable seat, but still it is hard to prevent improper use of the seat passengers, including mobile seat or adults sitting on the car seats. At the gate of the seats in public area that need to be more wear-resisting lining. And other corresponding measures, and strengthen the patrol staff, points out that the passengers improper behavior actively.
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