In addition to the three seating, but also can make single or more than a seating?

by:OUHE     2020-05-31
As title, generally speaking, the seating on the market can be made into single or multi seating. Main according to the manufacturer to provide specific models, can produce single seating, a seating, three people a seating, four people a seating, five people seating, etc, provide flexibility for public space. Can also according to customer special requirements, add the armrest table, tea table, magazines, soft cushion cushion, cushion, power switch, wireless charger and other accessories to choose, more convenience for the travelers. Can also clean, solid seating to increase more color appearance, let every seat become more individual character, make public space more harmonious tourist attraction. Wireless charger PU seat features: 1. Easy to clean, low maintenance, reliable quality guarantee, first-class after-sales service. 2. It is more convenient to wireless charging seat passenger travel. 3. The back seat retainer force is strong, the entire can withstand the pressure can reach 800 kg/s. 4. Plate connection beam is made of high quality aluminum alloy stent, beam ultra thickness, surface spraying, a new shape, strong and durable!
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