Infusion seating installation

by:OUHE     2020-06-08
Infusion seating installation method: first, check accessories 1. Beam 2 thick 2 thin; 2. Two legs; 3. Mesh ( Including the cushion) 2 slices: two people, three 3 slices. 4. Screw parts 1 bag; 5. Handrail bracket: two four, three 6; 6. Rotary's plate: 1 2 small, three big 2 small; 7. Transfusion, infusion rod clamp bar; 8. Screw fittings; 9. Please don't put the screw tightening, when installation installed unified tight; Second, the installation process: 1. Install two thin beam first, the use of outside hexagonal screw. 2. Thick beam installation, pay attention to distinguish between two beams. 3. Install handrail bracket 4. Install net back and hold hand 5. Install infusion rod clamp, infusion rod note: infusion rod clamp can install beams before six. The installation is complete
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