Infusion seating maintenance error

by:OUHE     2020-06-08
Infusion seating maintenance common three big mistake ( Iv) sofa : transfusion seating maintenance error 1: when dry as long as possible. Summer sunshine is good, will be infusion seating parts accessories take out to dry, but drying can be moderately, moderate drying in the sun infusion seating can kill bacteria, but if long time to dry in the sun will make the infusion seating cloth hard, brittle, which reduces the infusion runs through life. Infusion seating maintenance erroneous zone 2: exposure to high temperature antivirus. Summer the sun is shining, the infusion seating exposure in the sun. Indeed, the sun can undoubtedly sterilization, but sun damage to infusion seating is very big. The change in temperature can affect the color of cloth art, can lead to fade, the phenomenon of color, and can make cloth art to harden affect infusion seating comfort. Infusion seating maintenance myth: often pat to dust. Many misunderstandings about infusion seating dust can have, think often flap can effectively remove dirt, keep cushions clean. Actually don't need to cushion often beat, regular cleaning is ok. Often beat cushion can make cotton loose inside the cushion cushion deformation.
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