Introduction of waiting chair

by:OUHE     2020-06-11
Waiting chair features: usually consists of seat, Including the back of a chair) Many parts, beams, handrails, foot frame, who is a few common seating structure, with more than three people came on the market, the amount is very big also, not easy to move or move, put time is according to the actual demand is divided into fixed and mobile in two ways. Main airport case: haikou meilan airport, antigua and barbuda, the changbei airport north international airport, Indonesia's international airport, gansu qingyang airport, Beijing capital airport and so on many airports and train stations. Waiting chair of common structure: 1. Stand feet: is the waiting chair ground support, generally is metal frame, request connection is firm, can bear larger load, can firmly hold the ground, it is not easy to be mobile. 2. Armrest: a common design is a handrail waiting chair, one is not the waiting chair armrest, because it is dispensable, sometimes every seating only by both sides armrest, individual cases each bit have armrest, waiting chair armrest must be sturdy, can bear larger power. To avoid damage in people in the improper use or crowded armrest, handrails are the majority of stainless steel, aluminum alloy manufacture. Strong connection above the beam or seat. 3. Beam: a few seats together as a row, is the whole row seat main fittings at the same time, must ensure that its strong, has a larger bearing capacity, mostly metal materials ( I iron, crude steel pipe, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. ) And to keep beautiful, more waiting chair manufacturers using square tube, pipe or other special pipe, etc. Nearly all the parts (waiting chair Contains: plate, railings, tea table, stand feet, etc. ) Should be fixed on the beam. 4. Plate: usually choose metal ( Steel plate) , plastic or wood and other materials, cushion and backrest adopts more advanced places XiPi fabrics, etc. Plate requires strong, durable, common material: must be combined with beam firmly waiting chair armrest, feet and legs: adopt advanced engineering composite material, nylon and glass fiber mold injection molding. Plate, the back: high density polyethylene and ammonia ester ( PU) ( I feel inside steel, steel standard: Q235 steel tube, 16 mm in diameter, the thickness of 2. 0) Moulding. At the bottom of the outer beams: USES the advanced engineering composite material, nylon and glass fiber mold injection molding. Bearing connection beam fittings: Q235 steel pipe triangle. Common size of waiting chair: single: 80 cm ( High) * 75厘米( Wide) * 75厘米( Long) Double: 80 cm ( High) * 75厘米( Wide) * 125厘米( Long) Three people: 80 cm ( High) * 75厘米( Wide) * 191厘米( Long) Four people: 80 cm ( High) * 75厘米( Wide) * 253厘米( Long) Waiting chair renderings:
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