Introduction - the station runs through cases Guangzhou south station

by:OUHE     2020-06-09
In the beginning of the stainless steel for seating waiting for your travel, starting from the guangzhou south railway station, where would you go? Guangzhou south railway station is a large modern railway passenger, closely connecting with the beijing-guangzhou high-speed, connect Hong Kong high iron, around your wide high-speed, south Canton railway integrated transportation hub, guangzhou south railway station by the number of parking time are among the best, no matter where you want to go to, in guangzhou south station are almost can buy the ticket, if you don't want to use the high iron or a car? This year our company cooperate with guangzhou south railway station was very successful, we provided is a stainless steel seating, models for SJ6088 stainless steel waiting chair successfully entered the site, lightweight, high quality public seating, the curve of the entire seat is strict according to human body engineering design, a full set of waiting chair adopts high quality stainless steel material manufacturing, don't add any material, design is simple, do the work is very fine, base on the part and the back of a chair of proportion of moderate, appearance, full of personality, USES the hexagonal rail fixed, strong and durable is not easy to loose.
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