Is there anything in particular seating anchor?

by:OUHE     2020-07-02
What is the seating anchor? Is actually getting stand feet, and the design of different stand feet would be different, but also can appear the general conditions, such as different styles, but the two styles are using the same specifications of the measure, so if a hole of hold hands or screens can each other are the same. Seating stand feet each benefits: cost price above have a choice, for example: steel is much cheaper than stainless steel, so if stainless steel stand feet in which stand feet, getting the price can be reduced. Seating can anchor fixed? Airport, station, hospital waiting for seating is not fixed, will be equipped with rubber MATS, in order to avoid scratching the floor. Halls, schools, theaters, cinemas seating must be fixed. If not fixed dangerous accident easily. According to the requirement of the project you choose the right foot.
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