Jane said aluminum alloy seating of the coating process

by:OUHE     2020-05-21
Aluminum alloy seating performance-to-price ratio higher than stainless steel seating, below is the seating in the manufacturing process, the aluminum alloy coating process of seating. Aluminum profile in seating manufacturing process: mechanical grinding & ndash;> Skim & ndash;> In addition to the oxide film & ndash;> Chromium & ndash;> Powder or liquid & ndash;> Baking & ndash;> The hanging & ndash;> All inspection & ndash;> Packaging & ndash;> Warehousing coating was divided into dip coating, spray coating, spray coating, brush and roller coating, etc. , which is given priority to with dip coating and spraying, dip coating, that is, electrophoresis coating, it USES electrochemical methods will organic resin colloidal particle deposition on the surface of the workpiece, form a transparent or organic coating of various kinds of color. Among them, the cathode electrophoresis is a new technology developed in the seventy s, and dip coating industry, the main process. Advantages of good corrosion resistance, resistance to change color performance is strong, good adhesive force characteristics. Spray into the powder coating and liquid coating, the electrostatic coating is more popular technology in the industry. Due to the corrosion resistance of coating is good, price is low, the color is more, Can do any different color) , it is suitable for all aluminum material, but material is too loose as sand-cast product structure, to ash homework, relative quality is poorer. Under the action of pump and make the paint into the electric field, coating grain negatively charged. Under the action of atomizing air pressure, make the coating more fine and homogeneous and then under the effect of working pressure, the coating under the action of rotary cup or nozzle, spray evenly over the surface of the workpiece. Because in the same vertical plane, spray gun and artifacts distance are equal, the same interface is the same as the electric field intensity, so attraction, positive and negative charge on the workpiece surface is coated with a layer of uniform organic resin coating. Then under the condition of high temperature baking, resin flow and solidification state. Firmly set on the surface of the workpiece, to protect the role of the workpiece.
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