Leisure sofa varieties include leather, cloth, metal, rattan and other materials.The perfect home needs the elegant sofa .Different from the past, the leisure fabric sofa with simple lines, transparent or color jumping is more and more popular among young people.At present, there are many kinds of leisure sofa, and the leisure sofa produced by our factory is mainly made of PU leather or fabric.Our leisure sofas are comfortable to sit on, relaxing and unrestrained, and can close the distance between each other. In addition, the color of sofa can be changed at will according to the needs of customers.

Each of our leisure sofas is supported by size and technology. If we put aside the available styles, it will involve more personalized customization and contain more design elements. We can also design and produce other types of hair according to the needs of customers, and provide more cost-effective leisure sofas for customers is our constant pursuit.

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