Lying shaped seating in the design should pay attention to?

by:OUHE     2020-06-09
Shaped seating is the life of a warm embrace. Nowadays, comfortable, considerate has become a new direction of development of public furniture, the so-called public furniture is humanized demands of softhearted affectionately echo, and the main body of public furniture is a chair. Deck chair shown extreme comfort, like parents to give children the tender embrace. From the design of the deck chair and we can realize on modelling, its center and center of gravity is: product of meticulous care, make products to adapt to people voluntarily, don't a person to adapt to the product. When the user to sit down, the chair will make the corresponding adjustment, to adapt to the user, has reached the person and the best combination of chair. Use stainless steel material, chair of the skeleton and shell panel is soft PU, appearance is a cloth coat, convenient to clean. Backrest adopted for the design of curve of human body back, beautiful shape and reasonable functional structure to let a person lying on a comfortable as in the above the cloud, just want to sweet sleep. Chair of the local morphology and size has a great influence on the use, such as: is decided by the back of a chair and the height of the armrest. From the characteristics of human anatomy, human coxal muscle fat solid, is one of the most can withstand voltage parts of human body, so the suitable visitors shall be designed to make the upper of the focus fell on the hip bone. ( A) By high surface by surface is too high so that the legs dangling, and is not only the compression of the leg muscles, and on the leg, the leg and back muscles are in tension state, before long will be tired. ( 2) Sit face too low when the seat is too low to knee Angle or less than 90 & deg; People body pressure excessive concentration, abdominal muscles produce extrusion cannot be the guarantor of the lumbar vertebrae Zhi department of suitable condition, affects the back muscles, increasing the load time of back muscles, can make the person produces pain and discomfort cause fatigue. ( 3) Sit the width, refers to sit the front length by the width is too narrow, in addition to feel stiff cannot be used properly, on either side of the body muscle will feel squeezed; The width is too wide, two arms will be stretching outwards, make the latissimus dorsi and shoulder deltoid muscle tendon tissue is stretched. Both are prone to fatigue. ( 4) Dynamic range is larger, the length of the back of a chair is not back; The static and dynamic work and rest in order to obtain the corresponding support and not getting in the way of work and activities as appropriate, back of a chair height can be made of low begins to increase gradually, the first and second lumbar spine maximum scapula, neck; Whereas the static rest could require the length of the back of a chair capable of supporting the head.
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