Macao ShuJian seat case - at the airport Zhejiang taizhou luqiao airport ️

by:OUHE     2020-06-17
Previously known as huangyan taizhou luqiao airport luqiao airport, on October 23, 2018 formally through expert review, projects of taizhou luqiao airport opening. This project estimation with a total investment of about 36. 4. 3 billion yuan, will be the construction of a new parallel taxiway and ran sliding contact way, and in the east of the airport outside the new terminal 3. 16 and 50000 square meters, the newly built gate position control tower, tower, power area, living area and other supporting facilities for the function. When completed, will form JunMinHang the pattern of relatively independent partition running on both sides of the track. In 2019, Macao ShuJian seating are taizhou luqiao airport ️ selected products, pu cushion classic supplement with aluminium alloy, is the feeling of soft and rigid namely regards, comfortable and close skin, most perfect performance is gentle on the strong, is in operas, is intellectual, is easy.
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