Macao ShuJian seating case - at the station Guangzhou east station

by:OUHE     2020-06-17
Macao ShuJian seat and guangzhou east station joint success, is our efforts, but also our pride! We adopted models for SJ9062 waiting chair finished the project of guangzhou east station, station multiple waiting room to be able to see our waiting chair. Carmine, combined with a strong sense of elegance and modern city, make public a few minutes less enthusiasm, added a few minutes more rich deep elegant nobility; Macao ShuJianWei guangzhou east station specifically has chosen a carmine, supplement the PU leather upholstery, will be promoted a higher level of station waiting chair style, become arrogant but not domineering, high-profile but not noisy, her sense of luxury and modern, will be looked at each other's enhanced suction, weakening the entire public cold feeling of the space. Its basic format: conventional standard 1, 2, 3 people, four people, five people, including 1 to a length as a benchmark, gradually increasing the length of the seat, and USES the hexagonal rail fixed, to make it strong and durable is not easy to loose.
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