Macao ShuJian seating case - at the station Ha good railway

by:OUHE     2020-05-22
Macao ShuJian seating also experienced a great new era of the northeast, is expected to August 30, 2018 & other; Ha good railway & throughout; The official opening. At that time, everyone will see new passenger trains in kiamusze, Australia can even be seen in the 11 sites ShuJian specially designed for the better railway and comfortable seats. Macao ShuJian adopted the latest model SJ9088A seat successful bid, 11 railway project site. This is a portable and high quality public seating, the curve of the entire seat is designed according to ergonomics is rigorous. Does not affect the user's normal conversation, but also can be a nap. Base on the proportion of part and backrest is moderate, appearance, full of personality. Curve modelling, material is qualitative soft hard moderate, light and bearing, full of modern flavor. Its basic format: conventional standard 1, 2, 3 people, four people, five people, including 1 to a length as a benchmark, gradually increasing the length of the seat. Using hexagonal rail fixed, strong and durable is not easy to loose.
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