Maintenance skills on fabric auditorium seating

by:OUHE     2020-05-28
Fabric auditorium seating of the main materials: cloth, furniture diversiform expression, the most different chairs and sofas. Auditorium seating comfort is the feature of fabric, color is rich, various commonly used texture. Accer seat fabric with flame retardant, wear-resisting, prevent fading, etc. Rather special maintenance, therefore, the general common methods: if the cinema chair with dust, sand or particles, then use the vacuum cleaner, brush can also gently along the bottom of the fabric texture, but you can't use to pig hair brush, so as to avoid injury and fabric. If stained with dirt, such as: coffee, juice, etc. , can be used to dissolve a mild detergent in warm water, then use clean soft water, and when you want to use to read the instructions carefully use cleaner, avoid using too much cause fabric bleaching.
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