May OUHE offer warehousing services?
At present, many small- or middle-scale enterprises can't offer warehousing services but choose to work with the third-party logistics companies or freight forwarding warehouses. For the details about this service, please contact the staff of Heshan OUHE Furniture Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Generally, we work with reliable logistics companies who can secure the optimum locations for various cargo volumes and packing styles and conduct the stocktaking periodically based on the registered daily loading/unloading result data. We guarantee that customers can get a very favorable storage fee and freight fee. Your cost will be cut down and your needs will be satisfied.

OUHE occupies most of the chinese style sofa market with its first-class quality and professional service. OUHE's main products include office sofa series. The production of OUHE waiting room chair is strictly carried out according to refrigeration requirements. Every component is rigorously disinfected before it is assembled to the main structure. It can be designed with soft upholstery harmonizing perfectly with the overall design. At present, we continues to develop in STUDENT CHAIR industry. It is corrosion-resistant, thus ideal for being situated in a moist environment (humidity/rainy region).

we Public Chair values its work in terms of the value our customers added. Call now!
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