Mobile children infusion chairs

by:OUHE     2020-05-27
In the hospital transfusion area will be a neat infusion seating, infusion bed, children's area is the same, but many poor children be content transfusion chair on the garter st, even kick up a fuss, running around, seriously affect the other patients. If there is a kind of portable infusion chairs, such already can flow in normal infusion, transfusion chair can satisfy children's curiosity and psychological needs, and can avoid affect other patients. The design of the floating children transfusion chair: is there a chair leg, fixed to the chair leg upper plate, armrest and test board, which also includes a set up in his seat belt and fixed front points legs in the middle of stem, the ends of the back plate is equipped with the direction of the up and down hole, hole can be inserted into the drop infusion bag or bottle lever, in the chair at the foot end fixed has universal wheel, can to the pediatric car leisurely gently shaking. Advantages: simple operation, save time and effort. Reflect humanistic care, improve the quality of nursing, to expand social benefits. Usage: after transfusion chair puncture fixed, a child in a liquid transfusion chair, fasten your seat belt, and the transfusion bottle hanging in infusion the transfusion chair on the shelf at the back of the chair, parents can gently turn the transfusion chair, make the child quiet ( 1 - Children 6 years old) 。
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